It’s the end of 1999.
Everyone holds their breath, waiting for the world to come to an end due to the y 2 k bug believing that when the world clocks over to the year 2000, all computer chips will fail due to them not being able to cope with changing over from 1999 to 2000

But the world rolls on, and no significant effects occur.

During the year 2000, on the world stage,

Sony releases the Playstation two, which becomes the best selling gaming console in history, selling over 155 million units worldwide.

Three astronauts became the first crew to live on the International Space Station, with their stay totalling 136 days. Since this crew’s arrival, the International Space Station has been continuously occupied by astronauts from around the world.

A charted Concorde flight, leaving Charles de Gaulle Airport in France,
hit some debris on the runway on takeoff, piercing a fuel tank.
The plane soon crashed, killing 100 passengers, nine crew and four people on the ground.

After a 50-year non-stop run, the Peanuts cartoon, featuring charlie brown and snoopy, ended with the death of the cartoonist, creator, Charles Shultz,

in Australia

The Olympics were hosted in Sydney, becoming the most successful games to date.

A massive oil spill occurs off Victoria’s Phillip Island’s coast, stretching 12km along the coastline, killing three penguins, a cormorant, nine silver gulls and five endangered hooded plovers. The GERMAN owners of the ship, A N L Pioneer, were eventually fined more than 1 million dollars.

Eric Bana’s dramatic film debut, Chopper, the biopic of famous Australian criminal and standover man, chopper Reid, traumatising us all.

The number 1 song for 2000 in Australia was “I’m Outta Love” by Anastacia, a song I could not remember until I checked it on youtube, and the top-grossing movie was Chicken Run closely followed by Charlies Angels’

A walk planned by The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation expected up to twenty thousand people to turn up to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Instead, two hundred and fifty thousand people turned up blocking the Sydney Harbour Bridge for more than 5 hours.

In South Australia

Our population reaches one point five million people, by the end of the year 2000. with Seventy per cent of our people living within half an hour’s drive of the capital, Adelaide.

At a Port Adelaide bank, a Security video recorded a Mr Quyen Tu Au withdrawing $6000 from an ATM using a stolen bank debit card as part of a massive fraud case worth millions of dollars.
Mr Tu Au vanished, although his disappearance did not come to light until banks started chasing down the missing millions. Mr Tu Au was part of a crime gang that stole from ATMs with fraudulent cards. It is still not known if Mr Tu Au fled the country or he met with foul play.

We recorded 22 confirmed homicides in 2000 in South Australia.

The lifeless body of 91-year-old KATHLEEN DURBIN was Discovered on the floor of her Hamely Bridge home.
The food delivery service for senior citizens, Meals on Wheels, who had been to Kathleen’s home to deliver food and do a welfare check, when no one would answer the door, they contacted a relative.
When the relative entered the home, they found Kathleen bashed around the head and suffered severe injuries to her arms and hands, protecting herself from savage blows.

At the time of publishing this story, Kathleen’s murder still was unsolved.

In 1998 Melissa was living with her father. Barry Trussel, stepmother Leanne (now deceased), brothers Anthony, Hamish, T J, wade, and sister Kayla. When she argued with her father, she moved to Adelaide to live with Rosemary and half brother Nathan

In May of 2000, a family of 3, Rosemary Brown, 33, Melissa Brown, also known as Melissa Trusset, 15, and 11-year old NATHAN Davidson. lived in a rented budget cabin, in the Windsor Gardens Caravan Park. 9km northeast of the Adelaide city centre.

In May of 2000, the family of 3, Rosemary Brown, 33, Melissa Brown, also known as Melissa Trust, 15, and 11-year old NATHAN Davidson, moved into a rented budget cabin in the Windsor Gardens Caravan Park. 9km northeast of the Adelaide city centre.

The mother of the family, Rosemary, worked three jobs to keep the family together. Including as a cleaner at the Windsor Gardens School. The same school both Melissa and Nathan attended.

On May 4, the family received an eviction notice from their Windsor Gardens Caravan Park cabin for six weeks non-rent payment. Also, friends of Melissa and Nathan were quite often hanging around the caravan park, generally being teenagers.

A fellow park resident, Mark Nicholls, offered to put the family up in his caravan. This arrangement lasted a total of 3 days before all four people received eviction. Mark then towed his caravan and three guests down to the Garden Island boat ramp on the port river.
It wasn’t long before the council wildlife officers threatened to fine the group if they did not move their caravan. Rosemary then organised with a friend to move the van to the driveway of a property in Dover St, Blair Athol.

Rosemary had been at work as a cleaner as usual on Friday, May 12.
After work, Rosemary went to the Windsor Gardens caravan park and met up with Melissa and Nathan.

Whilst at the Caravan park, Rosemary spoke to several associates. And in a later interview, Her son Nathan claimed his mother looked and acted stressed out about something. Although he could not say what it was.

Nathan went to stay with friends at Klemzig, a nearby suburb. At the same time, Melissa and Rosemary returned to the caravan at the Dover Street address.

Mark Nicholls claims he saw Rosemary leave the caravan at about 2:30 am. with Melissa close behind. That was the last time anybody saw the two women alive.

Nathan returned to the van the next day, but did not find his mother. After waiting a week, living his everyday life, he eventually contacted the police via a relative.


A search commenced, but clues were hard to find, as they had no idea of the location the girls had disappeared from. Police thoroughly searched the caravan, but they found nothing unusual.

Although Interviewing Mark Nichols as a suspect, there was still no evidence showing he knew any more than he told the police.

Requests for help on TV and Radio didn’t bring many clues until someone eventually came forward with a handbag, later found to be indeed the handbag that had belonged to Rosemary.

The handbag, discovered on the day both Kathleen and Melissa vanished, was not given to police until the appeals started on TV and Radio.

A couple came forward with the bag, stating they found it under a bush in their front yard, at their Stirling Street, Northfield property.
After hearing the please for information, the couple realised the handbag had connections to the disappearance and contacted the police on the girl’s disappearances.

After hearing the please for information, on the girl’s disappearances, the couple realised the handbag had connections to the disappearance and contacted the police.

No more information came forth for the next few weeks until a family was down at the port river. Close to where Mark Nicholls’s caravan had previously been, before being moved on.


The family’s father was fishing from the Garden Island boardwalk. While his eleven-year-old son and his friend were playing and hunting crabs in the mangroves, the boys discovered a decaying body.

The family immediately contacted the police. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the police realised it was the body was Rosemary Brown.

It seems the body, had been in the water for at least a month and was quite decayed. Police could not give a cause of death, due to the amount of decomposition


Despite extensive searching, Melissa’s body or whereabouts has never come to light. And neither has Rosemary’s Killer.

Rosemary’s son, Nathan, realises that there’s a high probability that his sister is dead, but there is still a slight glimmer of hope.

A reward of $200,000 is available for information about the murder of Rosemary Brown, and a $1 million reward is available for information on Melissa’s murder and the recovery of her body.

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