Predator beaten bt victims.
Two teenage girlfriends, aged 15 and 17, were groomed, drugged and raped by Mildura man, Brenton George Healey, 34,

After all, this came to light. The two girls showed up at Healey’s house together, forced their way in, grabbed a cricket bat and baseball bat he had at home and attacked him, calling him a rapist.
He begged for his life, telling the two girls that he would do whatever they wanted.

Previously, Healey had pleaded guilty in the County Court of Victoria to 14 charges, including two counts of supplying addictive drugs to a child and two counts of sexual penetration of a child aged under 16, between March and June last year.

Healey groomed the girls he had met through Snapchat, and he began giving them drugs, including Marijuana. Ice. Cocaine and MDMA.


Healey wanted sexual acts for the drugs that he supplied, and this happened about once a week.

The first time he sexually touched the 15-year-old girl, she was very drug-affected from Marijuana that he had given her, and she started to cry.

He apologised over Facebook afterwards but continued asking her for sexual acts, would call her a chicken, or a pussy, if she said she didn’t want his sexual advances,
He once refused to drive the 17-year-old girl home until she performed a sexual act on him. After she initially said no,

On another occasion, he gave the 15-year-old girl strong pain medication, causing her to vomit and urinate on herself.
Then, he asked her for sex in his car, and she said no, so Healey attacked her, but she could not push him away because of her state, so Healey raped her.

Predator beaten by victims. The 15-year-old said in her victim impact statement,
I was waiting to find the right guy, and he took that opportunity from me. After what happened, every time I showered for a few months, I couldn’t even look in the mirror.
I would scrub myself so hard and still would feel dirtier than anything.

She was now petrified of males and couldn’t believe a man with a young daughter could do what he did.
Her father told the court: “The pain I’ve seen on the face of my daughter has been nearly too much to bear.
To her unbelievable credit, she has picked her life up and put herself back on track.

Healey’s lawyer told the court. I wonder why the girls continued to socialise with him in person and on social media after the sexual coercion began.
The Judge replied it was all part and parcel with grooming.
I’ve been sitting here for 20 years. Again, it’s the power imbalance.
It doesn’t surprise me at all.
“They’re girls who are in a part of their development — emotionally, sexually and everything — where they’re very, very vulnerable.

Healey has previously been convicted of blackmailing two women he met on a dating website.

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