This is the story of a WARLORD bikie that ended up swimming with the fish.


The year is nineteen ninety-two.
I was 27. And even today, I remember when this story was unfolding.
Here are just a few of the other big stories from around the globe in 1992…


In the USA. They acquitted four white police officers over the nineteen ninety-one beatings and excessive force charges when arresting Rodney King, Causing Countrywide riots.

They found Mafia boss John Gotti guilty of 5 murders and begins a life sentence in jail
for murder and other crimes

Pope John Paul the second leaves it up to science rather than a GOD to remove a cancerous tumour.

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar escapes from his personal prison in Colombia.

Long Island child, Katie Beers, disappeared two days before her 10th birthday.
She was kidnapped by family friend John Esposito and held in a 6-foot-by-7-foot specially built concrete bunker under Esposito’s garage.
She was eventually found alive and released in 1993.


In Australia in 1992, there were 326 homicides.
Our Prime minister was Paul Keating.

On the Central Coast of NSW, 45-year-old auto mechanic Malcolm Baker went on a shooting rampage.
His reason was that his girlfriend, 23-year-old Kerry Gannon, had ended their relationship six weeks earlier.
Baker shot and killed Kerry first, then went on and killed 6 more people, including an unborn baby.
Baker received a sentence of six terms of life imprisonment.

Two decomposing bodies eventually attributed to a serial killer, Ivan Mallat, discovered by two runners while orienteering through the Belanglo State forest.
These two victims were Joanne Walters, 22, stabbed 14 times, four times in the chest, once in the neck,
and nine times in the back, which would have paralysed her.
And Caroline Clarke, 21, shot ten times in the head and used for target practice.

On September 26th, the West Coast Eagles won the AFL premiership, played at the MCG in front of ninety-five thousand people.


The last edition of The Adelaide Newspaper named the News, published on March 27th.
John Bannon resigned as Premier over the state bank debacle, replaced by Lynn Arnold.
South Australia’s Crow Eaters beat Victoria in the AFL state of origin match by 13 points.

12-year-old schoolgirl Rhianna Barreau disappears in broad daylight while walking to her local shops.
Despite extensive searching and enquiries, she remains a missing person, with a 1 million dollar reward
for information leading to a conviction.

35-year-old CARLENE WARD was found by her 16-year-old son, murdered, lying in the main bedroom of her house in Armstrong Avenue, Parafield Gardens.
She had been bashed and stabbed with several weapons.

In 1991, Warlord Bikie Cosimo Castelluzzo was in prison, serving time for Assault on police, rape and robbery with violence.
In March, he had tried to disassociate himself from the warlords club and had given evidence concerning the firebombing of the Boss of the Warlords, Louie the pig’s house.
The belief was that this was in “retaliation for the shooting death of a Hells Angels member the previous year by one of the Warlords.
Cosimo was then directly threatened to keep his mouth shut, so he refused to give any more information.
He was released from prison on parole in late 1992.
the Temperature at Adelaide airport tipped at 33 degrees.


Cosimo was seen with some associates in Hindley street, having a beer, at 2 am on December 31st
AND had been seen walking out of a pub. He THEN disappeared, and no one knew of his whereabouts.

Police launched several appeals on radio and television for information.
Over the next few weeks, no solid information came to light.

On February 20th 1993, A man known only as Roberts
walked into the Plympton police station with a horrific story
of what had happened to Cosimo.

Roberts shared a house in Adelaide with a man named Colin Frederick Turner, who owned an old farmhouse in the desolate area known as Sunbury, near
Yorketown, on South Australia’s, remote Yorke Peninsula.

The house was at the end of an isolated dirt road, with only two other properties on the road,
and the men intended to use this property as a home base for a four-day fishing trip,
with two other men who had planned to join Roberts and Turner The next day

Roberts and Turner towed Roberts’ boat from Adelaide to the isolated property, not expecting anybody else to be there.
There were no extra cars at the property, but when the 2 men walked inside,
they found Turners, stepson, Mark Raymond Smith there.


Smith soon indicated towards one of the bedrooms.
When Turner and Roberts checked the room,
they found Cosimo Castelluzzo, wearing only underpants,
He was gagged with masking tape, and his hands and feet were handcuffed and tied together.

Over the next few hours.
While mark smith was out of the kitchen checking on Cosimo.
Roberts said to Turner in a whisper. Do something, tell him to go, fuck off and get
him out of here. And turner replied, “I can’t. He is my son”.
Just then, Mark Smith came back to the Kitchen.

A bit later. When Mark again checked on Cosimo, Roberts told Turner.
“This has nothing to do with us. We should get into the car and drive into town.
and leave Mark and the bloke there. Turner replied. They will never just let us go. If you don’t know anything.

You can’t tell anyone anything. so for that reason. Don’t ask any questions. If anything got
found out. the type of blokes that were involved would cut us up in little pieces.”

Roberts asked what the bloke had done to deserve this. and
turner replied that he didn’t even know who
the person was. Then Turner added. The people
that Mark is involved with. You would never want to know them. because
they were a lot worse than Mark.”

Smith and Turner devised a plan to kill Cosimo and get rid of the body.
Just before midnight. Turner and Smith carried Cosimo out to Robert’s boat
and threw in 2 flywheels from a Cummins tractor.
Roberts then drove Turner, Smith and the boat containing Cosimo to Edith berg.
Where it was launched from the boat ramp shortly before midnight.


Turner told Roberts to drive the boat out some
distance from the shore towards Troubridge Island.
After about 15 minutes, Turner told Roberts to stop.

Smith and Turner tied the tractor flywheel to Cosimo’s handcuffs. And threw the flywheel and Cosimo overboard.
Roberts brought the boat back to the ramp, and the party returned to the farmhouse.

On their return, Smith unhooked the boat and drove off in Roberts’ car.
He returned at about 7 or 8 am and soon afterwards, a white Holden Commodore pulled up, driven by
Laura Altintas. Who will feature in another story soon?
Smith got in the commodore, and Altintas drove smith away.

Later on the 1st of January. The other 2 men booked in for the fishing trip, Arrived at the farmhouse.
Totally oblivious to what had occurred.
Two days later. They all returned to Adelaide.


Several appeals for information about Cosimo. Was sent out on radio and television over the next few weeks. But no solid information came to light.
Until Roberts walked into the Plympton police station. On 20 February 1993

On 22 February, A police Superintendent Arrived at Robert’s home and spoke with him and his parents. They discussed Immunity for a full confession. And arranged for Roberts to be interviewed.
A very lengthy interview took place on 23 February between Detective Sergeant Pippos and Roberts.
On 24 February, the matter was declared a major crime.


On 7 March 1993, Mark Raymond Smith, Colin Frederick Turner and Laura Altintas were arrested.
After Roberts confessed, the police launched a massive sea and air search. Covering hundreds of thousands of square miles of
ocean. But no traces of Cosimo were ever found.


After all the court cases, the sentences were as follows.

Mark Raymond Smith. Murder. Receiving a non-parol period of 25 years.
Colin Frederick Turner. Murder. Receiving a non-parole period of 15 years.
Laura Altintas Assisting a Murder. Acquitted.

The three best rumours why they executed Cosimo are:

  1. Cosimo’s murder was part of a “tit for tat” dispute between the warlords MC and the Hells Angels MC.
  2. It was because Cosimo had given information to the police.
  3. it was over a drug deal gone wrong.

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