For this story, we have to dig deep into a bit of the history of the people involved.

Our first person of interest in this story is Vahe Hacopian.
Born in 1979, Vahe was several times a convicted drug dealer.
Believe it or not, Vahe twice got busted trying to mail drugs thru Australia post.
The first time in 2001 when he attempted to send 3kg of Marijuana, via Australia post.He then tried to post them to a Sydney address through the Greenwith post office in the highland village shopping centre, Golden Grove.The drugs were intercepted, Vahe was arrested, and Police also raided his home, finding another eight kilograms of cannabis and two unlicensed firearms.

This time, because it was his second similar charge, Vahe ended up with being sentenced to four years and seven months, with a non-parole period of three years.
The second person of interest in this story is, Barzan Palani, of Walkley Heights.
This known associate of the Hells Angels was due to face some pretty heavy drug charges in April of 2010.
He was summonsed to face trial in the District Court, Charged with possession of methamphetamines.
He also faced charges, in the Adelaide Magistrates Court, of taking part in the manufacturing of a commercial quantity of a controlled drug.
These charges were laid in May of 2009, following the discovery of a Mawson Lakes amphetamines laboratory. He also faced charges of unlawful possession.

80 shots from a military assault rifle

We will come back to these two gentlemen, in a minute or two

On 21st August 2009, someone fired about 80 shots, from a military assault rifle, at 3 houses.
The first home hit was a property, in Railway Terrace at Edwardstown at 4:30 am. About 45 minutes later, more shots from the same weapon were fired into a house in Peppermint road in Lewiston. Then another 15 minutes later, more shots rang out, hitting a home in President Ave, Andrews Farm.

All three places were associated with the Hells Angels. Quite a few Angels believed it was Vince Focorelli and the New Boys who were firing at their houses indiscriminately. The big problem was that even though the houses were associated with the Angels, Two of the houses were lived in by families that had nothing to do with the bikie world.

Things quietened down for a short while, but all knew Something was brewing.

On 9th February 2010, Vahe Hacopian hired a white holden commodore from the Adelaide airport.
The following day, just before 5 am, he drove the Holden to Walkley Heights and picked up Barzan Parlarni.

It was of the opinion that the two men, were on a mission to plant a bomb, and assassinate Vince Focarelli, but Something went terribly wrong.

The men had their homemade bomb sitting on the centre console of the Holden.
They drove the car to Truscott Road at suburban Enfield and parked out the front of an unoccupied house. They had parked just around the corner and less than 50 meters from Vince Focorelli’s house in Newton Terrace.

It is believed that at 5:20 am, Vahe had undone his seat belt and turned to get out of the vehicle when the bomb went off, instantly killing both men. Vahe’s door was blown off, and his body was blown into the street, landing six meters from the car. Barzan, still in his seat belt, was slumped forward, dead.


The roof of the car was torn open like a sardine can, and debris was strewn over a 35-meter radius from the explosion. Several close by houses had their windows blown in.

The Police immediately swung into action, calling out the bomb squad, who used robots to scour the area in case there was another bomb either in the car or amongst the debris. Nothing more was found.

Several hours later, Police raided a Munno Para West house of a known associate of the dead pair. They arrested and charged a man with firearms, explosives and drug offences after finding firearms, 17 cannabis plants and explosives at the house.

This is the end of this chapter, of the ongoing bikie war of Adelaide, but this story will continue, with a new chapter very soon.

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