BODY FOUND VICIOUSLY STABBED It was Wednesday, 11 January 2012. This time of the year, in the tiny Adelaide hills town of Kersbrook, the temperature was starting to climb towards the days top of 31° celsius.
The majority of the town’s population of 450 people were already up and about or at work. However, a semi-retired man was out for his twice-weekly walk. He would walk about 3 kilometres out of town along the South Para Road and then return.


The man was about 50 meters past the official government sign, “KERSBROOK”, walking at a meandering pace. He noticed what looked like a pair of legs poking out from leaf litter. This was down an embankment about two and a half meters from the roadside.

 He climbed down the embankment and thought the man may have been asleep. But also noticed the shirtless body was covered in blood. The walker picked up a stick, poking the body and saying, ‘Are you all right mate?’ but there was no answer,

 The walker returned immediately to his house and phoned the Police. Informing them that he thought he had found a body.

The Police arrived about 20 minutes later, with the walker showing the officers where the body was. Immediately the South Parra road was closed off to traffic.

As more Police arrived, they noticed that the body was dressed only in tracksuit pants and was shirtless. There was no wallet, mobile phone or identification. There were signs of significant head injuries, and blood was everywhere over the body and ground of the surrounding area. 


At 4:45 In the afternoon, a man approached an officer at the scene. He stated that when he was heading home two days previously, the man had seen a group of young men in the area near where the body’s discovery, “They seemed to be punching someone on the ground” as he roll played the punching motion to the Police. 

Another man came forward, stating at around 5:45 Monday evening, he had seen a white Nissan EXA pulled over to the side of the road close to where the body was found. 

 Police put out TV and radio please for help, and they soon discovered that the body was that of 27-year-old JAYSON DOELZ. 

 Jayson, Originally from Queensland, along with his partner and young son Isaiah, moved to Glenelg just over 12 months before his death. Back in his home state, he had been in trouble for a few different crimes, including Vehicle theft; He brought his family to South Australia for a new fresh start. He had enrolled in a couple of Tafe courses and had recently obtained his Fork Lift licence.

 A coroner examination of Jayson’s body revealed his body had more than 80 separate injuries, including nine stab wounds. 


 Police tried every avenue open to them but could not find a reason or any likely suspects for Jayson’s murder. A $200,000 reward was on offer, but still, no one would come forward with any hard information. 

 The Police had their suspicions of who had done this. They hounded those believed responsible, but no proof could be found and still no one was talking.

 In 2016 someone came forward with an anonymous tip about a Black Ford Falcon ZR6, stating that this car’s boot (Trunk) transported Jayson before they murdered him. The problem with the car is that it is possibly the most challenging vehicle in the world to access,

 The story with the car was that it was moved from one northern suburbs property to another for quite a few months before it was put in a shipping container and transported to Innaminka in South Australia’s outback, where the vehicle was burned and buried five meters down. You don’t get much more isolated than Innaminka. 1300 km northeast of Adelaide. The Police went to the property where the vehicle was apparently buried to find an industrialist shed built over the burial site.


 Information started to leak out about the people who committed the murder. Eventually, two eyewitnesses came forward and spilled the beans. The owner of the Black Ford, buried at Innaminka, not involved in the actual murder, turned informant in exchange for immunity.

It seems Jayson was at a house in Pooraka, with several pairs of designer sunglasses, trying to sell some or swap for drugs.

 One pair went missing, and Jayson started searching for them. At this time, Kym Wayne Barnes, Shane Matthew Muckray and Chad Badcock were also at the property. Chad thought Jayson was trying to steal property when all he was doing was looking for his sunglasses.

 Chad was pacing around the house, threatening to get Jayson and bash him, and was calling Jayson a “lowlife thief.” BODY FOUND VICIOUSLY STABBED

 When Jayson walked into the same room as Chad, Chad attacked and started punching Jayson and knocked him out with an elbowed to the head.


 Because Jayson had indigenous blood, Chad started racially abusing him when he next woke up. Then both Chad and Kym began punching him. Finally, they hit him over the head with a shovel, strangled him with a set of video AV cords, and made him clean up some of his blood. The beating lasted close to 3 hours, with Jayson drifting in and out of conciseness. 

 Chad told (name withheld) to bring his car around near the house’s backdoor. The driver did as told and when at the backdoor, started to lay a sheet on the back seat. “You won’t be needing that, this cunts going in the boot”. Sure enough, they put Jayson in the boot of the black Ford ZR6 and smashed over the head with a shovel. Kym, Shane Chad and the driver started driving into the Adelaide hills. A few times, Jayson started kicking and screaming. The backseat pasenagers folded down the arm rest, which also gave access to the boot. Punches thrown at Jayson through the opening,


 The car continued, and as they passed through Kersbrook, the boot popped open. The driver pulled to the side of the road, and all of a sudden, Jayson jumped out and made a last-ditch run for freedom.

BODY FOUND VICIOUSLY STABBED.  Kym, Shane and Chad jumped out of the car and ran Jayson down, punching and kicking him brutally. Oroducing knives they stabbed Jayson nine times. Four times in the left of his face, neck and shoulder, three times in the right side and twice in his right buttock. The three returned to the car, leaving Jayson on the side of the road down an embankment. The car drove back to the Pooraka house. During the trip, Barnes and Badcock began “boasting” and “big-noting” themselves. Bragging about the assault how they had punched, kicked and stabbed Jayson.


At the house, Terrilee Jordan, Kym’s girlfriend at the time, helped Kym, Chad, and Shane clean up all the blood, which took a couple of hours. Once that task was complete, everybody just returned to their everyday lives as if nothing had happened. 

 After the initial news reports on the case, things went quiet.

 Four years later, in 2016, Police launched a COLD CASE investigation featuring the Jayson Doelz case. Its believed that two people came forward and suggested the Police look at the black Ford ZR6. The information given its buried in Innaminka. 

 Police put pressure on a particular group of people they believed associated with the Ford.

 Soon the Police had made four arrests and given one person (the driver) immunity for turning in evidence.


 The three men arrested, Chad Badcock, 31, Kym Wayne Barnes, 32, and Shane Matthew Muckray, 28. 

Chad Badcock was a member of the Comancheros M C C. He was involved with this case over drug deals with Kym Barnes. Chad was also involved in the Highway Inn affray with Vince Foccorelli back in 2011. He pleaded not guilty to Doelz’s murder. He was found guilty and ordered to serve a non-parole period of 29 years for instigating the attack. At the time of his arrest on this matter. he was already doing time for other crimes. This took his total non-parole period to 32-and-a-half years.

 Barnes pleaded not guilty but the Judge labelled a violent, cowardly and inhumane murderer. His sentence to a minimum of 26 years. 

The judge stated that Muckray was the “lesser of three evils”.The Judge ordered him to serve a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years. 

Terrilee Jordan, who helped conceal the bashing and murder. She mopped up blood left in several rooms and backyard of her house. escaped prison but received a suspended three-month prison sentence after pleading guilty. 

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