Bikie Reward of $200,000 for Gypsy Joker missing 16 years



Bikie. No matter what path someone may have travelled in the past. Their family still deserve to know what happened to them or at least know where they are, dead or alive.

Brought up in a privileged lifestyle until the age of fifteen,

Of his two siblings, His sister became a lawyer and his brother a firefighter.

Steve was picked on and bullied at school because of dyslexia. On one occasion, Steve lashed out and beat a student senseless. He decided this was a good time to leave the Banksia Park High School.

Aged just fifteen and on leaving, he went bush, working on a station in the Flinders ranges.

All the time Steve was away from Adelaide, he had thoughts that the kid he had beaten had died or suffered major injuries.

On returning to Adelaide, Steve bumped into the kid and was so relieved that he hadn’t seriously hurt him.
Steve apologised, and all was forgotten


Over the next couple of years, he did odd jobs and hung around people in the bikie scene. Eventually buying his own bike and joined the Gypsy Jokers.

In 1992, Steve and his then partner, Kim, had a baby girl. They named her Blayze.

A couple of years later, the couple went their separate ways as Kim had enough of the biker lifestyle.

Half the time wondering if the next guy they saw was going to try and kill kidnap or injure her and daughter Blayze. Because of Steves lifestyle choices.

In 2001 on the Gypsy jokers annual run, the first leg of the ride ended in the south Australian town of Beachport, 380 km south-south-east of Adelaide.

There had never been any trouble on any of the Gypsy Jokers previous runs, but this one was different.


The South Australian Police’s new branch was the TACTICAL RESPONSE GROUP. The TRG were not far away in another town on a totally unrelated matter.
The TRG sort a reason to prove their existence was warranted. 100 odd bikies in a small country town was reason enough.

The commissioner of police, or the deputy commissioner ( both of them denied they placed the call) ordered the TRG to Beachport.
Over the next couple of hours, the police force swarmed to over 180 officers. The police tried everything they could to provoke a fight but nothing was working.


The cops, fined a couple of Jokers for speeding and one for noise pollution. Still the Jokers would not fight back, they were all having too much fun inside the hotel.

Next thing, Under orders from their commander, One of the police walked up and kicked a harley over.

The noms that were out on the verandah keeping eyes on things, went inside and informed the jokers what the Police had done.

Next thing you know, The Jokers were streaming out of the pub and commenced punching on with the cops.

Steve managed to find the commander in the middle of this affray, punched the commander so hard it broke his jaw, Steve then picked up the commanders hat and wore it for the rest of the fight.

The fight continued for a couple of minutes, but even though the cops outnumbered the bikies almost 2 to one, The Bikies unmistakably won the fight, with the cops limping away with their tail between their legs


Besides the Commander with a broken jaw, three other police ended up in hospital

Back in Adelaide, a couple of days later,

Steve learnt his police charges charged with assault, and affray so Steve handed himself in at a police station

Eight Jokers received various charges for various crimes In February 2002.
Steve received an 18-month suspended jail sentence, reduced to a $100 fine and a three-year good behaviour bond.

After steves NO SURRENDER attitude with the police and the fact that he wore the police commanders hat during most of the fight, The jokers ended up voting him in as their President.

With steve at the helm of the club, the Jokers seemed to be opening up, showing the “community” side, with film crews escorted through their club house, The public being invited to BBQs.


One thing that occupied a lot of Steve’s time, was compensation to victims of paedophiles. And a recent case, PETER LIDDY was high on his list.
Peter Liddy, a top South Australian judge, had been recently convicted of paedophilia and was awaiting being sentenced.
A con man and convicted bank robber from Western Australia, named Terry Stephens, received information about Liddy.
Liddy was a world-famous collector of antique guns, shipwreck treasure, coins. He also had one of the largest collections of miniature bottles of alcohol anywhere in the world. All these items were at one stage stored in a mansion owned by Liddy. At Kapunda, in South Australias North East. The mansion, was named Shenandoah by Liddy, but its real name was Mount Saint Rose.


By the time of Liddy’s sentencing court case, Liddy had put the mansion up for sale.

The majority of the antiques had vanished. Con man Terry Stephens attempted to buy the property for the price of $500,000. But Stephens had a small problem. He didn’t have the money, So being the shady caricature he was.

He could not just go to any bank and ask for half a million dollars. So he turned to the Jokers to finance it, at 120%. Stephens convinced Steve that all they had to do was to buy the mansion. Start looking beneath the floorboards and in wall cavities, and once they found the antiques, sell them and give the profits to Liddy’s victims. So they purchased the house, and the hunt began.


Three weeks later, no antiques were found, and Stephens was declared bankrupt. The mansion was resold, and the jokers recovered their money minus the interest.

Another thing that took up Steves time, was his daughter Blaze.

Even by Blayzes own words, Steve treated her “like a queen”. He gave her just about everything she asked for, including a horse. As a result, Blayze became a very proficient rider and won quite a few horse riding trophies.

After Steve had been President of the Jokers for almost three years.
There was a dislike for the way Steve allowed the general public into the Bikie world.


The Jokers eventually voted Steve out as President. Steve started to distance himself for his daughter’s sake. Still, he held a lifelong membership, and he also needed to make a living.

So he continued his association with the bikie world, almost becoming a man for hire. He kept up his bikie lifestyle and worked mainly as security and debt collecting.


Around this time, Steve and his girlfriend, Alena,were living at an inner city property. Managed by Adelaide’s high profile Madam, Stormy Summers. Steve was even best man at Stormy’s much publicised wedding to security guard Mark Garner.

On the 16th June, 2005, Steves Girlfriend, Alena, reported him missing to police.

He also had a meeting with some of the police top brass booked on the same day he was reported missing. the meeting involved the Family murders killers, paedophiles and thier victim’s compensation, Steve did not turn up for this meeting.

The police started to make enquiries, and Steves car, a Ford Falcon, was found in the carpark of the Gepps Cross Hotel, Steve’s favourite watering hole.

When the police interviewed Steve’s Mother. All she could tell them was that he had come to her house earlier on the day he disappeared and seemed agitated.
“He told me he knew some information about a high up public person.”

Steve wouldn’t tell his mum who or what the information was about, Suddenly his phone rang and after a very short call he hugged his mum and said he would see her soon. He didnt even drink his coffee and he was gone, Thats the last time she ever saw her son.


A couple of days later, an associate of Steve’s, informed police that he had received a phone call from Steve. Asking for a lift from the pub to a transport yard. So the associate picked Steve up at the Gepps Cross Hotel and dropped Steve out the front of Singleton’s Transport. Kapara Rd Gillman, less than 10 km away.

The associate picked Steve up and drove him to the transport yard. Owned by Frank Condo, a senior member of the Finks. Frank also employed several Finks members in the business.. Steve’s associate lift driver claimed he had no Idea why Steve went to the transport yard. He said that when he asked Steve why he was going there, Steve just replied. “Business”

Steve jumping out of the car ” I will give you a call when I need to be picked up”. Steve walked into the transport yard and was never seen alive again by anybody that will admit it.


The best information the police could gleen was that Steve was shot and killed. His body was taken away in the back of a white ute, covered in a tarp.The white ute in this roumor was spotted parked in a street adjacent to the property later the same day. People remembered this because it was unusual to see the ute parked there.
Normally it was parked in the transport yard.

A huge search was initiated of the industrial land surrounding the transport company. And police also searched a property at Port Gawler. Another at Middle Beach. but no sign of Steve was found.

Lots of rumours were circulating, including that Steve was writing a book, exposing the motorcycle club lifestyle. Another rumour, was that he was writing a book on the high up people involved in the Family Murders of Adelaide.


Some of the other stories that emerged were that his body was put in an old fridge. Put in a boat and taken out to sea and thrown overboard. One that He was put thru a wood chipper. And also one claim he was put in a hammer mill and fed to starving pigs. And another that his body was thrown in an old car that went through a wrecker’s car crusher.

No sign of Steve has ever been found. He is another name added to the South Australian missing persons list. There is a $200,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Steve Charles Williams.

atter what paths someone may have travelled in the past. Their family still deserve to know what happened to them or at least know where they are. 




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