Bikie True Crime Australia Michael Sfyris,

Bikie True Crime Australia

Michael (Mousey) Sfyris, born in 1966, was well known to the law, especially when it came to assault.

In 1995, Sfyris was locked up in jail on assault charges, when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was successfully treated with chemotherapy resulting in a 100% cure. He was soon after released from prison, on bail.


For 12 years, He kept his nose relatively clean until 2010, when his previous partner lodged claims against him, alleging 14 counts of aggravated assault, committed between 2009 and 2010.

The alleged offences included manhandling during and after her pregnancy. And that he had taken hold of her by her throat and threatened her with a gun. During the court case for these offences, Sfyris shouted abuse at investigating officers, calling them liars and telling them that it was a huge mistake to be keeping him in jail.


His lawyer told the court, Sfyris vehemently denied all the allegations and questioned why Police had taken so long to lay the charges. Sfyris was released on bail a week later with the charges still pending.

April 2010, Sfyris was charged with affray, after he and good friend and fellow bikie Vince Focorelli were seen limbering up outside the pairs jointly owned, Ink Central tattoo parlour, on Hind lee street, in the centre of Adelaide.

Bikie True Crime Australia

Soon after, some reports say 5, Others claim up to 10 Hells Angels walk up and start attacking Sfyris and Focorelli, punching and beating them. Security vision showed Sfyris using a chair to hit one angel and Focarelli swinging a metal pole at the group.

One of the Angels managed to grab the pole from Focorelli and used it to beat him. Focorelli and Sfyris escaped with a few bumps and bruises. When the court case came about, both men pleaded not guilty as they were only defending themselves.
The Judge agreed, and both men were released without charge.

On November 1st, 2011, Sfyris was celebrating the Melbourne cup at the Highway Inn in Plympton with several other bikies, including once again, Vince Focorelli


Another fight broke out, and several people were injured. At least one man was punched in the head, and several bottles and glasses were thrown. Police were called and Sfyris and several other men were arrested.
Once again, at the court cases, all charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. The CCTV footage didn’t show much of anybody doing anything wrong, and no person was willing to speak out, so everything was dropped. Eventually, Vince Focorelli sued the Police for court costs and won.

In December 2011, Sfyris and 2 other fellow bikies walked into a Hind lee Street falafel house, walked straight up to a man seated in the business and started assaulting him. Sfyris gave the man a hiding, Police were called and Sfyris and his 2 accomplices were carted away.

I fear God

While waiting for his case to appear in court, Sfyris wrote the Judge a letter, painting himself as a devout Muslim, believing that Allah “hears and sees all things”. The letter continued, “I am 46 years old, and although not educated, I am life-wise, I am a father who is being denied his right to father. I have not been in prison since I had cancer some 15 years ago. I am very proud of that fact. Contrary to popular belief, I do my best to live a righteous life. I fear God and believe my actions will be judged come Judgment Day.A few months later, the trial, was held via video link, as Sfyris was already serving time for the assaults on his former partner. Sfyris verbally abused the Judge, The Police and anybody else he felt like abusing.


The Judge ordered Sfyris’s microphone to be turned off. He then informed Sfyris that there was no way the assault was self-defence. As he had claimed as the video footage clearly showed Sfyris to be 100% the instigator and 90% the attacker.
Sfyris was sentenced to 14 months for the assault which was added to the sentence he was already serving.

While still in Yatla prison, on July 28th 2015, Sfyris presented to the prison infirmary. He complained of abdominal pain, coughing and wheezing. With the on-call doctor believing this to be a respiratory infection, antibiotics were prescribed.

the medical officer also referred him to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for a chest and abdominal CT scan. But the CT images were never reviewed.


In 2016, Sfyris continued to have health problems, and another scan revealed he had incurable and terminal stage 4 cancer.
Bikie True Crime Australia
The now 50-year-old stated that he did not want active treatment for cancer. So as to maintain his quality of life, and spend time with his family. Once he was paroled. He at first refused any chemotherapy treatments and opted only for just pain medication.

On March 5th 2015, he refused to go to the hospital and signed paperwork stating that he refused treatment.

On March 29th 2015, Sfyris collapsed and then finally agreed to be transferred to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Where he was administered chemotherapy drugs, but it was too late. The treatment was causing more grief than help, so the treatment was stopped.

Sfyris was paroled at 2 pm on April 5th 2016. He died four hours later. His death is still marked as a death in custody.
His body is buried in the Enfield Memorial Park in the Greek Orthodox area.

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