To understand this story, you need an introduction to five people.

Person one is Michael Varehov. Born in China in August of 1968, his family moved to Australia when he was fifteen. Michael looked Chinese, so you would often see him disguising himself by wearing dark sunglasses.

Michael grew up in Australia but kept some of his childhood contacts back in China. Because of This, Michael was the perfect go-between, especially in the drug scene. Michael set up deals between Chinese triad members and Australian Bikie clubs at an early age.

 At the age of 25, the Police arrested Michael for selling single deals of heroin to locals in the Elizabeth shopping centre in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. While he was awaiting trial on bail, he was busted once again with heroin, 

 This time, Police arrested Michael, and another Northern Suburbs man with 10.9 kg of pure Chinese heroin, along with eight other men Australia wide as the drugs were part of a massive 47.7kg importation via Perth and destined for dealers all over Australia. 

Sentenced to six years

Michael received six years imprisonment. 

Ten years later, in 2004, he was again in trouble for his part of a massive methamphetamine importation group. This time the importation was centred around Dubbo, NSW, and was the largest importation of illegal drugs on record at the time.

 Person two is a man named Bradley Eric Fowler. Although available public information on Bradley is hard to find, there are sealed court records concerning a rather large case in the mid-80s in a secluded part of South Australia. I am not 100% convinced this is the same person involved in both cases, but the people’s ages and a few more details match up. Because of not being 100% guaranteed, this is the same person. (I’m only 90% sure) and the fact that if it is the same person, at the time of the offence back in nineteen eighty-four, the person named on court documents would have been a minor, So I will not publish information on the crime from back then. However, as evident later on, I needed to include Bradly in this story.


Person 3 is PATRICK FRANCIS MCCARTHY, Born in 1962. At the time of this story, Patrick was a fully patched member of the Finks MC.

 Previous to today’s story, the most significant charge laid against Patrick was in 2009. A woman was travelling down Greenhill road at Uraidla when she stopped to let another car reverse out of a driveway. Patrick was behind the woman and got angry that she had blocked to let the other vehicle out into the traffic. Patrick tailgated her while yelling abuse out the window at her. The woman then did what she claimed was possibly the stupidest thing she had ever done in her life. She gave Patrick the finger then turned it into a doctors surgery car park.
Patrick then blocked the exit to the car park, preventing her from leaving. The woman claimed that when she got out of her car. Patrick slapped her around the back of the head and abused her. Including telling her, “I know where you live, and I will come and get you tonight” When the Police came to interview Patrick a couple of days later, Patrick refused to answer any questions the Police asked. The courts eventually dropped the actual assault charge, but Patrick was fined $400 for refusing to answer questions and had recorded a conviction.

Persons 4 and 5 are two women.

 One of the women, a 23-year-old from Victoria and a 29-year-old from Aldgate who was the Neice of 

Due to suppression orders, information on the two women cannot be legally released.

 The story

 The two women, 23 and 29, were out partying in town when one recognised Michael Varehov as a friend and associate of the 29-year-olds uncle, fully patched Finks member, Patrick McCarthy. 

 The women asked Michael Varehov for some drugs, but they did not have any money, so all agreed to go to the 29-year-olds home in McAllen Avenue, Beaumont, at 4 am to get some cash. 

 It just so happened that Patrick was asleep upstairs in the house, so the very drunk girls took Michael into the home’s garage. The 29-year-old went into the house to get some money, leaving Michael and the 23-year-old woman alone.

 When she returned to the garage, Michael attempted to rape the very drunk woman. However, when the 29-year-old tried to stop the attack, Michael turned on her. 

 With all the shouting and yelling, Patrick was woken from his sleep. He came into the garage to see what was happening, Lost his temper and started beating Michael with both his fists and a wooden baton in the garage.

Patrick beat Michael to death

Eventually, Patrick beat Michael to death, Although during a later court case, the 23-year-old woman claimed she saw Patrick stuffing a cloth into Michael’s mouth and pinch his nose closed. The girls then did one of two things. Depending on whether you believed the story the girls told to the courts, or you believe the story the courts worked out from the evidence. The girls either left Michael and Patrick alone in the garage and went into the house and didn’t see the bashing of Michael, or the pair were there through the whole ordeal and helped clean up the mess and blood. 

 Patrick realising he had a dead body on his hands, called a long term friend, Bradley Eric Fowler, to help him dispose of the body. The pair put Michael’s body in the boot of a grey Peugeot. They then drove the body to Gum View Rd, in Kuitpo Forest. After 5 in the morning, this road was secluded and quiet enough. The pair walked ten paces into the scrub, buried Michael’s body in a hastily dug shallow grave, and then left.

A Person receiving a beating

 Meanwhile, Back at the McAllan Avenue house, the Police had arrived, called in by a neighbour who heard what sounded like a person receiving a beating, glass beaking and other noises in the early hours. By this time, someone had cleaned up 90% of the mess. The Police claimed a strong smell of bleach all through the house. But the Police did not realise it was coming from the carport. So the Police could not find any reason to search any further.

 Over the next four days, people started reporting Michael missing. Putting 1 and 1 together and coming up with 2. The Police went back and tried to question Patrick. As not only had he been an associate of Michael’s. But he had a disturbance at his house on the same day that Michael had disappeared.
The Police also questioned neighbours. Some reported hearing yells, loud voices, and cries before a Grey Peugeot pulled into the garage but then left 10 minutes later. The Peugeot was seen again at around 11 am when it dropped Michael off at the house, then drove off.


 The Police also tracked down who was at the house when Michael disappeared. One of the women eventually broke and told the Police everything she knew. 

The Police soon caught Patrick, Bradley, and the two women. The twenty-three-year-old Victorian woman received no charges and was eventually released. Bradley received charges of being a helpful accessory to Murder but dropped all charges against him.

 Patrick was kept on remand until his trial came up. At first, the charges against him were for Murder. However, the courts eventually dropped the murder charges, and Michael had manslaughter charges laid against him. 

 Patrick kept up the “I was protecting the two girls” plea throughout the trial. Finally, the judge ruled that the bashing was way over the top severe defensive attack.

 Patrick ended up some four years after his arrest, sentenced to 12-years of incarceration. Nine years and seven months of non-parole period. His charges backdated to when the Police first took Patrick into custody in June 2012.

 Michael is buried in the Enfield Memorial Park graveyard.




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